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A Principal’s Reflection

By Lisa Lyons | Nov 10, 2021

LEADING IS NOT EASY This article by Eric Sheninger was written in 2017, life before the pandemic.  His explanation of what it takes to be a successful leader is one I think everyone should read.  We often lose touch with “the other side” which leads to less empathy and understanding.  Sheninger states, “Leaders know that […]

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Videos All Teachers Should See: Mr. Jensen

By llyons | Oct 5, 2021

CLINT PULVER: BE A MR. JENSEN In the classroom we have an extraordinary opportunity to be the turning point for someone’s life. Sometimes, the simplest conversation, a quiet comment, a comforting look or reassuring gesture can change a student’s life forever.  After watching this video you will always want to   Be a Mr. Jensen.

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Teaching Students How to Learn

By llyons | Sep 14, 2021

Have you ever thought about why students don’t complete their work?  Have you ever wondered why after you teach a lesson it is as if some students have ear plugs in and haven’t heard anything you have said?  Have you ever told your students, “Make sure you study tonight”?

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Videos Every Teacher Should See: Cole Blakeway

By llyons | Sep 5, 2021

COLE BLAKEWAY: We Are All Different – and THAT’S AWESOME! Sometimes, it is the children that teach us the most valued lessons. Watch young Cole Blakeway teach us that  We Are All Different – and THAT’S AWESOME!  Cole has learned one of life’s best lessons through a long friendship through a man with Autism, who […]

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Support for Students with Disabilities

By llyons | Aug 5, 2021

SUPPORT FOR STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES All teachers need to be able to support students with learning disabilities.  When students realize that they can learn, they begin to believe in themselves which allows them to develop the growth mindset they need.  There is a misconception that students who have learning disabilities can’t learn something or that […]

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Videos Every Teacher Should See: Rita Pierson

By llyons | Jun 10, 2021

RITA PIERSON: EVERY KIDS NEEDS A CHAMPION An inspirational teacher can change the world, one student at a time.  One of my favorite teaching TED Talks is Rita Pierson: Every kid needs a champion.  When I sit and listen to Ms. Pierson, I want to run back into the classroom.  She speaks with such passion […]

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